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Asset and Portfolio Management

For asset and portfolio managers, it is all about strategy and maintaining the broad, long-term view of the portfolio in the midst of large amounts of data and daily tasks. Asset managers must constantly assess the portfolio in terms of market conditions, lease contract and building conditions.  They must also run “what-if” scenarios to gain a long-term vision for the portfolio in financial and non-financial terms.


  • The difficulty of creating understandable reports from multiple, disparate sources of data
  • The need to get the true picture of the financial aspects of your assets in real-time
  • The ability to quickly change your management strategy based on current information
  • The ability to manage complex ownership structures
  • SOX compliance requirements
  • The complexity of calculating asset values (returns, etc.)


ARGUS Software has solutions that can help manage your portfolios and assets in a real-time and accurate fashion.

ARGUS Enterprise™ (AE), our newest and most advanced solution for asset and portfolio management, combines our valuation and asset management technologies into one comprehensive enterprise class solution.  Perform portfolio consolidations and valuations keeping all your property models in one database.  

ARGUS Asset Management™ allows asset managers to handle their rolling 12-month budgets as well as create day-to-day strategies for their portfolios. Asset managers have seen their annual budgeting processes reduced from months to a matter of weeks when using ARGUS Asset Management/ARGUS Property Budget.


Click here to see a video presentation of ARGUS Enterprise.